The term Conversion in marketing refers to the process of converting a prospect into a customer. How easy do you think it is? Well, it’s pretty easy if you know how to do it.

There’s never a universal solution to converting people easily. To make it work, you must know your people well and know your product very well, too. Conversion goes hand-in-hand with the UX all over your online presence.

First of all, you should make every step as easy for the user as it can be. If the user’s ready to pay you and they spend more than 5 seconds looking for the payment button on your website or app, you’ve most likely lost them already.

Growing a profitable niche market

As mentioned above, you should know your product and your user well. How will a customer benefit from your product? How’s it better than what competitors offer? You need an honest answer to this question.

Ask your existing customers. What was it that made them convert from a prospect to a lead and from a lead to a customer? In this answer, lays your key to success.

You’re going to get hundreds of different answers. Choose the main selling points that have convinced the existing customers, and highlight them. Do A/B tests every week to see what messaging works best of all. Keep optimizing, and you’ll discover your perfect converion funnel.

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